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Kolin's rant at Toronto

Things haven't gotten any better for those living in poverty and making their living on the streets. There are significantly fewer squeegee youth visible on street corners but that doesn't mean our "Mighty Mel" drove these "thugs" out of town. He's simply driven the poor and vulnerable further underground, those that are most in need of services are living like fugitives. Many have taken shelter under the Gardiner Expressway, until they're chased out by the bullies in blue and their makeshift homes are burnt to the ground with all their belongings inside. As long as it happens under a bridge, out of public view, it's ok, and the screams can't be heard.

The police have done their job: they've broken communication and destroyed any type of community that once existed within the street scene. This is to ensure that the screams will never be heard. Through terror tactics they have intimidated the poor, physically and mentally abused them, imprisoned them and criminalized their very existence. Never again do they ever want to see mass squeegees at the corner of Queen & Spadina, a 1000 strong "hands off street youth" march to their doors demanding justice, or street youth organizing themselves in resistance.

I fill with rage every time I remember the police brutality, discrimination against French speaking youth, the blatant media attacks and the apathy of the public.

We've organized against the Safe Streets Act. We've tried to fight in council chambers and the courts, and it has gotten us nowhere. We must pick up the fight and take it back to our turf, our streets. Our victories have been won on the streets, where the war is raging, and that is where we will win this struggle.

We've been pushed for long enough, we've put up with their shit for long enough, it's time to push back, with force. It's time to organize, to fight back, and FIGHT TO WIN!