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4 stars - Toronto Star, 23 Mai, 2003

“The camera - both focused on Roach and in his hands - is a constant and ultimately positive transforming presence” - The Globe and Mail, May 23 2003

“Should be required viewing for commuters.” - Toronto Now, 23 mai, 2003

“We can't help but feel the humanity in [Roach's] struggle” - Toronto Eye, 23 mai, 2003
Meet Roach

“Anarchy is director Daniel Cross' leitmotif” - Toronto Sun, 23 mai 23, 2003

“ intense and chaotic as life on the streets itself...SPIT achieves a rare feat by neither romanticizing nor demonizing life as a squeegee punk.”
Lansing State Journal, 22 mars 2003

“Another Montreal punk arrives in Vancouver, Knox and all.”
The Westender, 27 fevrier, 2003

“S.P.I.T. will actually alter the way you look at those rag-bag kids who approach your car with dripping wiper in hand.”
The Georgia Straight, 6 mars, 2003

“Roach is a natural to present the case of the maligned street people who make a dollar dodging traffic and the law.”
The Vancouver Sun, 7 mars,2003:

“Cross’ subject - an energetic, articulate misfit named Roach - supplements the doc with his own filmed diary - helping us to walk a mile in his scuffed-up army boots”
-Montreal Hour, 11 octobre 2001

“A very real, very thourough - even masterful - portrait of the life of a street punk named Roach”
-Ian Brown, TVOntario The View From Here

“Roach, gelé, saoul ou en manque, prend goût à fair «son» cinema”.
-Montréal Ici, 11 octobre 2001

“Cross brought great sensitivity and intelligence to his previous work on the underprivileged, in such films as Danny Boy and The Street. Again, here, he has proven a vital advocate for the disenfranchised.”
-Montreal Mirror, 11 octobre 2001

“This rocks with the urgency of youth and the wounded anger of the wrongfully accused.”
-Montreal Gazette, 12 octobre 2001

“...Cross outfitted Roach with his own video camera - the Roachcam - and asked him to shoot a video diary. Some of the film’s most telling, and shaky, moments are lifted from it frame by frame, as Roach and friends wage the good fight to be themselves and earn a skeleton living in one of the richest countries on earth despite constant harrassment from the law.”
-Montreal Gazette, 16 octobre, 2001
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“(Daniel Cross) est certainement l’un des cinéastes les plus intéressants en ce moment, dans ce pays. Une seule raison suffit: ces films restent imprimés dans la tête. ”
-Montreal Voir, 16 dec, 2001
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Feature interview on Le Lien Multimedia
Roach, Dan and Mila all give interviews on the website, available in streaming video.

Le punk cinéaste
Interview with Roach by Rima Elkouri of La Presse.
«Le téléphone d'Éric, alias Roach, n’arrêtait pas de sonner.
-T’écriras ça dans ton article: je suis un punk avec un cellulaire!
-Un squeegee à cellulaire, t'as raison, c'est plutôt original.
12 decembre, 2001

“En le voyant un jour «gagner sa vie», Daniel Cross a décidé de lui refiler une caméra comme journal, pour témoigner de son quotidien et de celui de ses copains.
-La Presse, 20 decembre, 2001
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“Cross’s film captures an urban experience most would rather wish or legislate away without getting their windshields smeared.”
-Montreal Gazette, 25 janvier, 2002
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“...un film audacieux et intransigeant”
-Radio-Canada, 14 janvier, 2002
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